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A Home Medicines Review is a way for your pharmacist and GP to help you manage your medicines at home. In particular, anyone taking a number of medications or with several health conditions should discuss a Home Medicines Review with your GP. Take the survey now


A Home Medicines Review will help you to use your medicines effectively and avoid any unwanted effects you may have, meaning that you get the most out of your medicines.


A Home Medicines Review may be of benefit if you:

  • Take medicines that need close monitoring of their effects on your body.
  • Take medicines that can have serious interactions with other medicines.
  • Feel unwell when you take your medicines.
  • Don’t experience the positive effect from your medicines that your GP expected.
  • Have recently been discharged from hospital and had changes to your medicines.


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Hackham Medical Clinic
234 Honeypot Road
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Phone: 08 8392 0333